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This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2017

Skirting the Issue
When new management took over at the Howmet Corp. jet engine part factory in Whitehall, Mich., they instituted a no-shorts dress code for the factory, which doesn’t have air conditioning. The men pointed out female workers were allowed to wear skirts, but the company wouldn’t budge — so several men now wear skirts. “It’s very hot and the skirts are cooler,” says Ron Buckhalter, 55, a 33-year company veteran. The biggest problem seems to be that “We’re getting a lot of flack from the girls for not being color coordinated,” says Ron Bailey, 49. Well, that and “We try not to stop off anywhere after work,” Buckhalter says. “We’ve gotten strange looks.” (Muskegon Chronicle) ...20th Century: The boys share beer and tall tales after work. 21st Century: The boys giggle over the best way to shave their legs.
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