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This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2017

Let’s Pretend This Makes Sense
Students at King High School in Tampa, Fla., staged a play sponsored by Mothers Against Violence in America to explore school shootings. “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead\” does not include a gun or any shooting but rather relates how the victims of a fictional school shooting come back to talk to the student gunman about why he did it, “making him realize how he’s done something really, really horrible,\” says King’s drama teacher. The victims show him “how he’s ended their lives and his parents’ and his own.\” Principal David Steele says “the moral of the story is a good one\” — but he has banned students from seeing it because its theme is a “sensitive subject.” (St. Petersburg Times) ...You wouldn’t want teens to understand of the horror of school shootings until after they’ve had the chance to experience one.
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